Dental X-rays

What are Dental X-rays?

A dental x-ray is a critical diagnostic tool that allows us to see underneath the surface of the teeth and gums. X-rays are helpful in finding hard-to-spot cavities, impacted teeth and even bone loss. We often use x-rays to identify tooth growth and development in pediatric patients. X-rays are safe and use a minimal amount of radiation to produce a quality image.

Why are Dental X-rays needed?

We often recommend having new x-rays taken at most of your dental appointments. They are typically needed prior to any type of oral surgery. If you come in for an emergency appointment, we’ll take x-rays to identify the problem and create the proper treatment plan. X-rays can be taken on both pediatric and adult patients alike and are only done on an as-needed basis.

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What can Dental X-rays detect?

X-rays can detect a range of oral problems and conditions. They are helpful in identifying issues that would otherwise go unnoticed with a routine examination. X-rays can detect:

  • Areas of decay
  • Bone loss
  • Infections and abscesses
  • Impacted teeth
  • Pediatric growth and development
  • Problematic restorations
  • Deep cracks and breaks below the gum line

What can you expect when having Dental X-rays taken?

The x-ray process and procedure begins by draping a lead apron or vest over your body. This protects you from the radiation being used. We then place a tiny device in the mouth and angle it in specific directions. The x-ray machine is then aimed at this device to take a high-quality picture. The picture is immediately developed and used as part of your ongoing treatment plan. The process is repeated until all x-rays are taken. You can expect most of your appointments to involve x-rays. These x-rays are safe because a small amount of radiation is being used. The benefits of having x-rays taken far outweigh any problems that may be associated with them.

If you need new dental x-rays and want to come in for an appointment, call our practice now and our friendly staff members can assist you.

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