Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a restoration that replaces a missing tooth inside the mouth. Implants are often made out of surgical-safe titanium. They are embedded deep into the bone of the jaw and given time to fuse with the actual bone. Once fused and healed, the implant can hold onto crowns, bridges and even full denture plates.

Why are Dental Implants needed?

A dental implant may be needed if you’re completely missing one or more of your natural teeth. Rather than compromise surrounding teeth or have to wear a removable appliance, the implant can easily hold onto crowns and bridge work. Implants not only improve the beauty and fullness of your smile, but they are restorative in nature and make it easy to chew and eat your favorite foods.

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Who is a good candidate for Dental Implants?

You might be a good candidate for dental implants if you’re looking for a semi-permanent way to replace missing teeth. If you have bone loss in and around the jaw area, we may suggest having a bone grafting done prior to the implant being placed. Having solid, healthy bone in the area for the implant to bond with ensures successful healing. You should be healthy enough to undergo oral surgery and be free of medical conditions that could inhibit proper healing.

What happens during the Dental Implant procedure?

We begin by administering either a local or general anesthetic according to your needs. We then make a tiny incision through the gums and embed the new implant deep into the bone of the jaw. We will continue to monitor the implant for the next few months to ensure it’s properly fusing with the underlying bone. Once it’s healed correctly, we will place either a crown or bridge on top. For denture wearers, we’ll need to make a new appliance for you and will instruct you on how to properly insert and remove the denture.

If you think you might need a dental implant and want to learn more about the procedure, call our office today and we can further assist you.

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