Dental Exams & Cleanings

What are Dental Exams & Cleanings?

Exams and professional cleanings are critical in keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. Exams allow us to check for cavities and other oral problems that could affect the health of your teeth. Cleanings are performed by licensed hygienists who work to remove hardened tartar and stains from your teeth. Both exams and cleanings are part of a comprehensive preventative care plan.

Why are Dental Exams & Cleanings needed?

The reason an exam and cleaning is needed is because it helps to check for problems early on while preventing certain oral conditions from occurring. For instance, an exam can spot a cavity while it’s still small and easily filled. If left untreated or undetected, the cavity can get larger and eventually cause the need for a full root canal. Cleanings help to prevent gingivitis and gum disease from starting or getting worse.

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How often should Dental Exams & Cleanings be done?

We recommend that exams and cleanings be done every six months. Regardless of your age and medical needs, these twice-annual appointments are crucial in keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. It is never too late to get into our office for an examination. We can accept new and existing patients coming in for either of these procedures.

What can you expect with Dental Exams & Cleanings?

The first step is the cleaning, performed by a licensed hygienist. The hygienist will remove hardened plaque (tartar) from the teeth as well as plaque and stains. The teeth are polished and flossed to remove existing plaque. The hygienist will check your gums for any signs of gum disease or gingivitis. We then come in and perform an examination to check for cavities and other oral problems. We will perform an oral cancer screening to detect any abnormal lesions or spots. You will then be given a treatment plan if additional work is going to need to be done in the near future.

If you think you might need either an exam or cleaning, call us today and we will further assist you.

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