The use of medications can affect your oral health and the way your dentist can treat you. Even over-the-counter drugs, such as vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements can be the cause oral health issues. Among the oral problems resulting from the use of daily medications are dry mouth, gum inflammation, altered taste, sores and decay.

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According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 50% of adults in the USA take at least one medication a day. There are many different conditions and medical ailments that require medication to alleviate or control the effects of it in the body. A few of the most common are Diabetes, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Anxiety, Depression and Asthma.


Visiting your dentist and being honest about the use of medications is the first step to help take care of your mouth and your teeth. The use of fluoride gels, regular cleanings or increasing the frequency of it can help with keeping decay and gum inflammation under control. Saliva substitute products can help with dry mouth and perhaps a consult with your primary physician to discuss the side effects of your medicines can make your oral health better.

Now, we understand the need of medications and we can not help but take them if they are helping us to get better. And at the dental office is important we know what you are taking and the dosing. Many dental procedures can be affected by the medications you are taking. Some medications to prevent heart attacks can increase the bleeding risk during a dental surgery and not taking your blood sugar or high blood pressure control medications can alter the results of the dental procedure or even prevent the dentist to do the treatment as schedule.

When you visit your dentist it very important to take your medications as prescribed by your physician. The dentist will consult with him/her to determine if any changes need to be made or if additional medications such an antibiotic need to be added to your daily regimen. In case of doubt it is always recommended to call your physician and your dentist before your appointments. If you have any questions call us, we can help you get the dental visit you deserve.

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