10 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

10 Benefits of Teeth Whitening


Whitening your teeth can easily be done in our office. The treatment helps to lift and even dissolve stains so that you can feel better about your appearance. Whitening can be done as-needed and touched up whenever you feel your teeth are becoming dulled and yellow.

Some of the benefits of teeth whitening include:

Who Is A Candidate For Teeth Whitening

1. Remove Discoloration
Discoloration of your teeth can happen with age or because of certain lifestyle and dietary habits. Whitening removes deep discoloration so that you can feel confident in the way your smile looks.

2. Remove Stains
Stains can occur because of the foods you may eat or because of improper brushing and flossing habits. The whitening products used are specifically designed to lighten and dissolve these stains so that they are no longer visible.

3. Improve Your Self-Esteem
Having a yellowed and dull-looking smile can interfere with your confidence. When you professionally whiten your teeth, you’ll feel better about the way that you look.

4. Smile More Often
Because of a whiter, brighter and healthier-looking smile, you’ll find that you smile more often. Not only does a bright white smile make you look friendlier, but it’s a sign of good health as well.

5. Reduce Bacteria
Many of the whitening products used are designed to kill bacteria that can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. While you lighten your teeth, you’re taking a proactive approach to your dental health as well.

6. Look More Youthful
Whiter teeth can cause you to look younger than you actually are. This has a lot to do with the fact that teeth dull and darken as you age, so lightening them can give the appearance that you’re younger than you are.

7. Hide Imperfections
When your teeth are perfectly white, people are less likely to notice minor imperfections like cracks and chips. This eliminates the need for more invasive cosmetic work.

8. Be Prepared for that Big Event
If you’re going to be attending a wedding or class reunion, you’ll want to look your absolute best. Whitening can help to give a clean, bright appearance that’ll improve your overall appearance for that big event.

9. It’s Easy
Whitening is easy and typically involves custom-made trays that can be worn in the comfort of your own home. There are no invasive treatments or procedures needed to deliver the same results.

10. It’s Quick
Most whitening treatments take just a few weeks to provide optimal results. You can then touch-up your results throughout the year using the same treatment method.

If you are thinking of having your teeth professionally whitened, call us today and we can discuss the different options we offer.

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